Come for a visit.

The horses that call Blossom's Creek home sweet home


She is the horse that started this program. We found here in a falling down barn, she was up to her knees in mud, poop and pee. We found here just in time, her feet were so bad they could have fallen off. Now she is living a great life, she helps little kids learn how to ride, and enjoys the lush grass.


This sassy girl came to us from a friend as well. Maya is an ex race horse, after being sold and bought several times in the racing world, she was dumped and tossed to the side like trash. This started a life no horse should go through. She was past around from person to person home to home. Until a lady had bought this clearly starved horse, for her inexperienced daughter. She wasn't getting a good diet therefore getting skinnier and on top of that getting rode hard by the daughter. This unhealthy act caused many back problems for Maya. Maya was in major pain, she was at the point where she would quiver from a human touch, but then help came to the rescue. A friend to Blossom Creek, Lauren, had steped in to take Maya out of the painful situation. Lauren had supplied the proper diet that Maya had needed. She started to gain weight and energy. She also had  an equine chiropractor come out for Maya's back. This kind lady did wonders for this horse. Maya was then donated to Blossom Creek, to live the rest of her life happy healthy and free from back pain.. 


This is Blossom creeks first mustang rescue. He was found in a dirt round pin, caked in mudd. He had very little human contact. The people who got him only bought him for 25 dollars at the mustang auction. He had to have his whole mane buzzed off and most of his tail due to the matting. At 4 years old he now gets to experiece life as a horse at Blossom's Creek. Saraya is now  giving him the attention he so badly wanted. Now he is a horse that loves trial riding and addicted to mountain dew.


Raider came to us from a lady who rescued her from an auction. If the lady didnt buy Raider, she would have been sent to the slaughter house. She was marked at the auction as a horse that bit and kicked. Snce she came to the farm she had became much more calm. she doesn bit or kick any longer and has adopted Bri-anne as her care giver.


Angel simply came to us from a friend. She was a gift to Tracy Blossom. She is a beautiful saddle bred horse, with a fancy step to her. She knows she is pretty so she struts her stuff..


Strom is a 4 yr old paint. She was giving to a wonderful lady named Dawn. Storm was called moo by Dawn and was well taken care of by this sweet  lady. unfortunately Dawn got very sick and needed help with her horses so she asked us if we would like to take storm, she is like family an we were happy to help.. get well soon Dawn, the best of wishes!!  

Since strom has been here she has gotten big! she is now husky  with a big butt!!


Cookie is our 14yr old bomb proof horse.. We use her for lessons and trail rides. She is a great horse to teach the new beginer riders, she is calm and always in a happy mood. She was a different horse in her earlier years though. She was rescued by Joyce and she was also very skinny.. Joyce had put the  weight back on the mare and she is now our happy lesson and trail horse. 


Came to the farm with Gracie, they were both very close to eachother. Gracie sadly passed, and as if the other horses knew it they took Esme under their care and now Esme is doing good. She loves to be around all the other bigger horses! She also love the attention she gets from all the kids that come by the farm.
Blossom's Creek helps any and all horses in need.