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Gracie spent her final days being loved.  she came to us with a few issues which all we could do is make her feel loved. I'm sorry to say that as of October 12, 2010 we had to put her down. It's so hard to lose something so dear to you. She will be missed deeply by the Blossom's and Esme (the goat/ Gracie's best friend). It saddens us to have to do this to any animal, and we hope not to in the future. But with animal abuse escalating, things like putting an animal out of their suffering is the best option in some cases. we hope our efforts to saving one life and getting the message out of proper care, we would reduce the abuse cases. 


With the proper care and love Tina lived 30 plus years, She was cared for by many people and animals alike. She helped alot of kids concure their fear of the large graceful animals called horses. She helped them learn a sense of responsiblity of caring for a live animal, and that caring is the first step of love. She will always be missed and she to this day still has an inpact on Blossom's Creek. WE are dedicated to helping more horses live a long healthy and loving lives as Tina has.
Blossom's Creek helps any and all horses in need.