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Meet the horses that came to Blossom's Creek and found new loving homes.


Above is before pictures
Below is After.
Beauy had come to us very skinny and muddy. She was bought, with three other skinny horses, by a very kind guy who wanted to get them out of the situation that they were in. The gentlemen has the other two horses but kindly donated beauty to us. We have noticed that beauty's back feet are bowed, so she will not be a ridable horse, maybe to young kids only. She is very sweet and calm. She is now off to a new home to enjoy young kids..


Doodle came to us from our good friend Dawn. She recently got sick and couldnt provide care for her horse, she had to down size her herd. Dawn got doodlebug in a very poor condition, she was attacked by a stud. this attack left life long scars, as well as stunt inher growth. she is now four with a body of a one year old. She is now owned by June, and doodle bug as filled out a lot more..
Thank you


This is Fancy, she has come to BC to get some of her quirks worked out. She is a wonderful Standard breed owned by Vrnda. All Fancy needed was to be ridden and worked, which she loves to work. She Knows what she has to do before you tell her. Very pleasant to work with. But Vrnda had to find her a good home. She is now enjoying her time with two other horses, and is being loved and cared for everyday.

Thank you


Gracie was infact rescued by a kind lady named Pam. She provided a great home for Gracie, due to a loss of a beloved pet she donated Gracie to our farm. She came to us still in a skinny poor condition. She now has put on the proper weight for her young age. and she is like a big loveable puppy dog. She now has a great home as the only horse, that will get lots of attention.. Thank you 


Shopiera came to us from a lady who simply cant handle her. she wanted a horse that was calmer and more relaxed. and shopiera was not that kind of horse. she is an egyptian arabian and needed a more experianced rider, a younger kid named Kyle is just that rider..The lady now has our older and calmer 18 yr old horse odyssey. I love happy endings for everyone. Thank you kyle for providing a good home.


This poor guy came to us as a starvation case, was soo skinny you can see all his bones. we got him on the right diet, and he gained weight so easy. odyssey is 18 years old, 15.3 hands and is a big lover.he found a great home and he will be loved for the rest of his life..


Star, is the first miniture pony that we have here at the farm. She came to us simply because her owners loved her so much, but couldn't spend the time they wanted with her, and wanted her to have love and attention that this farm had to offer. Star may be small but has the personality of a draft horse. We are glad to have met her, now she belongs to our neighboors, whom fell in love with her. Now she has three little kids that care and love her dearly. Thanks Jo Wells


She came to us as a 5 month old. She was rescued with her sister, from bad conditions, they were in the same pin as a stallion. The stud got ahold of cinnamons sister, and badly injured her. now they are both well and living happy lives with people to love them.. Cinnamon is now 2 yrs and 7 months old, she is such a doll. she has been adopted out to jessica, thank you and take care...


This little fire cracker came to us as shy and timmid  as can be. She was an abused case, she hated men. It was all about trust with her, but we were consistent and slow with her. Now you can't see she was the shy horse. She loves to run and play just like she was a two year old. She has a wounderful life, now owned by jo gross, thank you.


Murray came to us, as an outsider. No one liked the way he looked. His back is deformed, due to a stallion attacking him and ripping him up when he was a colt. He had very little mane, and scars all up and down his neck. His back was u-shaped.  With a lot of love and conditioning each day, Murray became a good riding horse dispite his back. Then fate came his way, Kirsten, a young little who girl fell in love with him, looking past his scars and the way his back looked. Now Kirsten and Murray are living a happy life together. Thank You Pam.


This little girl, was passed around a few times. She was donated to us by a good friend. Mama was given to our friend, Tina, simply because a man had bought a trailer and got the horse with it. He took one look at her and decided that she was of no use to him. As soon as our friend took her in she was brought over to Blossom's Creek, and donated Mama to us, she knew we would find a much needed loving home for her. Mama was with us for a long while, many people would be interested but as soon as they would come look at her and saw how small she was, they turned her down. Finally she found a home that absolutely adores her, no matter how small she may be.Thank you, Terry.


This horse was a unique case, he wasn't abused or starved, just simply left alone his whole life. He was born and raised on a nice little farm, but as he got older he got harder to handle. The owners weren't that experianced about training or dealing with growing horses, so they developed a fear of Thunder. They would just hand him food and leave. Still not gelded Thunder was a growing problem to this family. At age 6 he was taken out of that situation, gelded and donated to us. He had very little human contact and didn't know how to act. Saraya finally got trust put back in him, and broke him. He now has a great life as a horse.
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